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TLR started back in March of 2003. I was the Christian Music Director and DJ for WUPX 91.5 FM, in Marquette, MI.


I wanted to continue something I enjoyed doing after I graduated college.


TLR has changed a little in the last 14+ years.


We've always played Christian Rock, Christian Rhythmic and Christian Electronica....with a few other Christian genres mixed in.

I always wanted to share my love for God by showing people that God can be expressed through music styles other than the "stereo-typical" concept that Christian music is all just Hymns, Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, Organ Music, Worship...etc. Nothing wrong with those styles; I grew up listening to it.


If God created the universe and everything in it with such a vast amount of differences...why can't we, His creation, express our love for Him by writing and performing music in different styles?

TLR is operated by an individual who wants to express his Faith and Love in Christ Jesus and to give others the opportunity to experience the TRUE LIFE found in Christ Jesus.


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